Our Logo & Tag Line

Our Paternostro Family Foundation logo features elements that live on from our origins as the Team Kass Foundation. We incorporated Kass’s beloved hummingbirds into the new design. We added another hummingbird to represent our Dad, who shared Kass’s love of nature and who also loved these majestic birds.

The new logo incorporates a tree, a symbol of strength and faithfulness, to capture the essence of nature which reflects both our Dad and Kass’s love of the natural world.


Both elements of our tagline are representative of Kass and Dad’s legacy.

Harnessing Hope.  This sentiment, of course, is representative of Kass’s cancer fight.  She never wavered in her belief that no matter what, ‘everything will be okay’.  No matter what piece of news she received over that year she fought, she always tried to see the hope….to see the positives…to believe that she would prevail.  If the whole world could harness the hope that she felt, what a world it would be!

Living Passionately.  This is for our Dad.  There are no two words to better capture the essence of his life.  No matter if he was cooking dinner, writing an essay, teaching his grandchildren to paint, or giving a speech to a packed auditorium; our Dad did everything with great passion!  His legacy, and the moments we constantly recall, all center upon his larger-than-life personality and his desire to enjoy every moment that was given to him in this life – and enjoy he did! Every moment of his life he lived to the fullest….something for us all to emulate!

One thought on “Our Logo & Tag Line”

  1. I just saw the Paternostro Family Foundation web page. How wonderful of your family to help cancer patients. When someone with cancer receives help they are humbled and grateful. Everything changes when someone has cancer. It is a time of pain, appointments, car journeys, sadness, suffering and so much more than anyone knows until they live it. I know all this because my husband has stage 4 cancer.

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