Impact.  Responsibility. Commitment.

This is our pledge to our donors, to the community, and to the people we serve.  We are honored to read the feedback from our donors and others who have benefited from our programs and services.  Please take a moment to read a few of our favorites.

“Small but mighty organization that makes a difference one inspirational fighter at a time. Its source of strength is deep love and great hope and their power will only grow.”
– Dr. Mike K., Donor, New York

“On July 29, I had my first of what will be six chemo therapy infusions. I want to thank you for the [Harnessing Hope bag].  It was comforting on a rather trying day on that particular day of my life.”
-Evelyn C., Recipient of HH Bag, Williamsport, PA

“I read your heartfelt story.  So sorry for your loss and what you are doing is great.  God bless you and your family.  Thank you for your generosity.”
-Jenn B., Ohio

“The Harnessing Hope bags are a special way for so many of us to put our hearts into making a difference.”
– Amy S., Donor, Muncy, PA

“We are truly touched by your devotion to offer support to mothers facing a cancer diagnosis and to provide scholarships to students who exemplify the values of your sister Kathleen. Thank you for making a difference and turning a devastating loss into something beautiful.”
-Karen M., Donor, Williamsport, PA

“In memory of [my friend] Cyndi and in honor of Kass, I would like to make a donation to Team Kass.  I am particularly fond of the gift packages you assemble and deliver and would be happy if you can use some of the funds to help with that program.”
-Deb B., Donor, Binghamton, NY


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