Our Board of Directors

Our Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of loving members of Tom & Kathleen’s nuclear family, as well as friends old and new who loved them and are committed to our cause of helping others in this fight.

Paternostro Cancer Foundation Officers

  • Chairman & Treasurer: 
    Krista Paternostro Bower
  • Vice Chairman:
  • Secretary:
    Marthalie R. Paternostro

Paternostro Cancer Foundation Board of Directors:

  • James Bower
  • Tami Tressler-Blewitt
  • Dr. Rafael Matos
  • Kate Pacacha
  • Kathryn O. Paternostro
  • Thomas C. Paternostro
  • Tina Paternostro
  • Robert Ryan

Founding Board Member:

  • Thomas A. Paternostro, 1939 – 2014

Dad’s words from our Team Kass Foundation Board Page:

Thomas A. Paternostro

Thomas A. Paternostro, Kathleen’s father

“Kathleen and I shared in some truly great awareness experiences beyond the norm. Painting with a master, writing with a famous published author, or just floating down a river on a lazy summer day, we shared in the excitement and joy of life. We must promote the great possibilities that life offers, so others may be inspired to seek and find their creative destiny as Kathleen did. Team Kass can be the motivation for generations of unknowns.”

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