Mission / Purposes



The mission of Team Kass: The Kathleen Paternostro Morgan Foundation is to provide support to mothers facing a cancer diagnosis who have young children, to provide scholarships to deserving high school athletes who exemplify Kathleen’s values and qualities, and to keep the memory and spirit of Kathleen alive for her daughter, friends, and family.


The purpose for which this Foundation has been organized shall be exclusively charitable and primarily for the accomplishment of the above stated mission, and:

1.  To provide assistance, including financial, to mothers facing a cancer diagnosis, or to funds which support their fights.

2.  To provide annual scholarships to deserving high school students who demonstrate Kathleen’s esteemed qualities and work ethic, including dedication to academics, sports, and the community in which they live.

3.  To take such actions so to keep Kathleen’s memory, spirit and personal honor alive.

4.  To do all things incidental, necessary, or convenient to accomplish the aforesaid purposes and, except as otherwise herein expressly provided, to have and exercise all other powers, rights, privileges and authority, now or hereinafter conferred upon Non-Profit corporations by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania together with the power to solicit gifts and contributions from the general public. 

2 thoughts on “Mission / Purposes”

  1. I am a local high school baseball coach in lycoming county. We are doing a coaches vs cancer benefit baseball game which I would love to talk to you more. I lost a loved one in 2012 as well to cancer.

    1. Jacob – Thank you so much for writing! I am familiar with these events and would love to speak with you further about it. I will send you a private email soon. Thanks for reaching out.

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