“City of Sisterly Love” Half Marathon

“This is the city where my life will be saved.” 

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As we would wind our way down the Schuylkill Expressway and watch Philadelphia’s city skyline appear ahead, our little sister Kathleen would often say these words.  At the time, we believed with all of our heart that it was true.

City of Sisterly Love
City of Sisterly Love

This October, I will return to the city of sisterly love and finish the race for my sister and for my Dad.  I will participate in the 2015 Philadelphia Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in memory of these two beautiful souls lost too soon.  I have completed one marathon and two half marathons and numerous shorter distance races, including a monthly 5K I have run every month since January 2013 in memory of Kass and now, my Dad.  I will never give up.

The weight of the anguish and loss has taken its toll.  I do not run as fast as I used to, not even close, but there is still untapped strength in my heart, fueled by love.  My life’s goal is to a champion for hope, to raise the trident of love, to claim victory over fear, and to live in the light of dreams.  I believe that someday we will understand why things have happened this way in our loving family.  But, until then, I will run.

In September 2015, I finished my 35runningth 5K monthly run in memory of my Dad and sister.  I am grateful for my loving husband, Jamie, who follows me from race to race and is always there at the start and finish line.  He is my biggest fan!  My work for our Foundation and these runs are a big part of the reason I have continued forward. They give new purpose and meaning to my life.

I have never asked for contributions to this effort. Until today. At the suggestion of many people, I am posting this campaign with an ambitious goal to raise $1,500.00 for our Foundation, the Paternostro Family Foundation, by the time of my race in October 2015.

Joining me on race day will be these virtual runners who have made generous donations to our Foundation to support my efforts.  I could not be more grateful for their support, encouragement and generosity!

Shelly G. – Big Flats, NY

Leslie P. – Williamsport, PA

Patty H. – Ithaca, NY

Rafael M. – Columbia, MD

Mike K. – Monroe, NY

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Krista Paternostro Bower
Chairman & Founder

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