Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors is comprised of loving members of Kathleen’s nuclear family, as well as friends old and new who loved Kass and are committed to our cause of helping others in this fight.

Team Kass Officers

Krista L. Paternostro


Chairman:  Krista L. Paternostro:  “I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Team Kass Foundation.  As Kass’s older sister, watching her courage and grace as she fought has helped me to re-focus my life on what is really important….love, hope, and happiness.  I have dedicated the rest of my days to honoring Kass’s life and her love.  Helping others and giving back in Kass’s name will be powerful and meaningful.”

 Vice Chairman: Timothy R. Paternostro 

Tim Paternostro





Treasurer:  VACANT


Marthalie R. Paternostro

Secretary:  Marthalie R. Paternostro:  “As Kathleen’s mother, I am very proud to serve as Secretary of the Team Kass Foundation.  Keeping Kathleen’s memory alive, and helping others in their fight, are very important to me.”


Team Kass Board of Directors  (in alphabetical order):

Caroline Forbes: 

Casey Forbes
Casey Forbes


Dr. Rafael Matos

Dr. Rafael Matos:  “As a member of a family of cancer survivors and living with the threat of cancer, I had the privilege to meet Kass at a point when uncertainty, fear, hope, and optimism were ever present.  There are but a few life-defining moments and our first meeting was one for me.  Kass showed me that every second that we LIVE must be a precious one, no matter how physically and emotionally challenging it might seem. At the end “Everything will be okay”. I carry her story with me everywhere  I go and tell to all who would listen as an example of a radiant life and a warm  ray of sunshine that continues to spread through the work of her Foundation.”


Thomas A. Paternostro

Thomas A. Paternostro, Kathleen’s father

“Kathleen and I shared in some truly great awareness experiences beyond the norm. Painting with a master, writing with a famous published author, or just floating down a river on a lazy summer day, we shared in the excitement and joy of life. We must promote the great possibilities that life offers, so others may be inspired to seek and find their creative destiny as Kathleen did. Team Kass can be the motivation for generations of unknowns.”

Thomas C. Paternostro
Thomas C. Paternostro

Thomas C. Paternostro:  “As Kathleen’s oldest brother,  I am honored to serve on the board for Team Kass to honor her memory by helping those who are fighting this terrible disease.”

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