OUr purpose

Paternostro Cancer Foundation
PO Box 1862
Williamsport, PA  17703

E-mail Us: pcf@paternostrocancerfoundation.org 

The purpose of our Foundation is to carry the life, legacy, and wisdom of our father and sister forward to help others who battle this devastating disease and to honor young people in our community who are making a difference in our world.

We appreciate your support!


The mission of The Paternostro Cancer Foundation is to provide support to those facing a cancer diagnosis, to provide scholarships to deserving high school student/athletes, and to keep the memory and spirit of Kathleen and Thomas alive for their children, friends, and family.


The purpose for which this Foundation has been organized shall be exclusively charitable and primarily for the accomplishment of the above stated mission, and:

  1. To provide assistance, including financial, to persons facing a cancer diagnosis, or to funds which support their fights.
  2. To provide annual scholarships to deserving high school students/athletes who demonstrate Kathleen and Thomas’s esteemed qualities and work ethic, including dedication to academics, sports, and the community in which they live.
  3. To take such actions so to keep Kathleen and Thomas’s memory, spirit and personal honor alive.
  4. To do all things incidental, necessary, or convenient to accomplish the aforesaid purposes and, except as otherwise herein expressly provided, to have and exercise all other powers, rights, privileges and authority, now or hereinafter conferred upon Non-Profit corporations by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania together with the power to solicit gifts and contributions from the general public.

9 thoughts on “OUr purpose”

  1. I just made an online contribution…..I worked with Tom on volunteer activities for many years and he was one of the most inspiring people I encountered……we are so happy that you are continuing his good works through this Foundation!!! Annmarie Phillips

  2. Tina and Molly asked that donations be made rather than wedding gifts. The $100 donation that we just submitted is from mike and I and my daughters Michele and Emily and their families. What a wonderful thoughtful ‘gift’ from Tina and Molly on their wedding day.

  3. Just saw the video for the first time. It brought tears. I admire your determination to not quit…although I’m sure some days it isn’t easy. Your encouragement to keep on keeping on helped me today. This moment. Sometimes I feel like quitting too…my world is sprinkled with things “I didn’t want”…with hard stuff I’m sometimes at a loss to handle…the world can be simply icky. But, as you say…we must keep moving forward…loving, inspiring, giving, encouraging. Thanks for your realness and your bravery and stamina. Hugs 🙂

  4. Krista, Steve and I made a donation in honor of my mother-in-law, Jean Farr, a cancer survivor we recently lost, Kass and your dad. We wanted to take this time to tell you that we respect everything that you are doing with your foundation and how comforting it is to have your foundation to donate to and be a part of. I often think about the many lessons I have learned about life from your dad and how Kass’s big beautiful smile would light up the room and bring out the best in others and now my mother-in-law and how she has touched so many lives…especially mine. Thank you for all you do. Paula and Steve Farr

  5. I want to thank the Paternostro Family Foundation for their financial assistance during my husband’s treatment for lung cancer. At a time when we were grappling with fighting his cancer it was very helpful to have their help in reducing the stress of meeting financial obligations due to his inability to work. You were a ray of sunshine during this time.

  6. Remembering you and your loved ones. Thank you for all you do and have done. YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US.

  7. Your are an inspiration! I want to dedicate this donation in Kato’s name. Thank you for all you do to help the families and those with Cancer.
    The Butzke’s

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