I have been thinking a lot about Christmas and the sadness that follows people who have lost loved ones.  The loss of a child, parent, sibling or other loved one changes the Christmas experience, one of a family’s most cherished times.

No matter if the loss was yesterday or decades ago, the holidays will never be the same.  For all of those who are hurting from loss this Christmas, I wrote this poem for you.

Keep on movin’ toward your dreams.  God Bless & Merry Christmas!

Eyes open, I look aroundNo sign of you can be foundAngry and sad, swept up in sorrowFace another sunrise, first today then tomorrow (2)


Here are the words without the graphic:
Eyes wide open, I look around
No sign of you can be found
Angry and sad, swept up in sorrow
Face another sunrise, first today then tomorrow
 Thought it’d get better, this dark place alone
But those left behind find nowhere to go
Put on your shoes, walk out that door
Wishing on rainbows won’t even the score
 They say life’s a journey not for the weak
I feel the tears fall down where they sneak.
Somehow I’ll make it out of the dark
Today I’ll just be with you in my heart
Fast go the years, these moments, they fade
I keep on movin’ toward dreams that I made
Deadlines and bills, a husband who needs me
I keep looking up, where only my eyes can see
Not able to be in this place
Still feel the dreams left in this space
No one to turn to, nowhere to go
Swallowed up whole.
Onward, broken now, I go.
-Krista Paternostro Bower, December 17, 2015

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