Your Light Still Shines

My favorite picture of you! Beautiful Kass! 2010

There are no words that can ever be spoken

That truly capture how our hearts feel so broken.

Birthday party 001
Just the four of us….

You had to go…we now do understand

But we all miss the touch of holding your hand

Your light still shines and your love still grows

Your beauty still radiates and our hearts overflow

For one more minute to hold you so tight

We admire your brave and courageous fight

We know you are better now and feeling no more pain

Yet each day seems a lifetime without saying your name.

I find myself lost listening to the birds

Wondering if it is you singing those soft and sweet words

“It is okay,  I promise. I am doing just fine.”

“When you get here with me we will drink some more wine.”

Precious moments….

“I miss your laughter,” I say with a smile. “But, I am glad to know that you are okay.”

“I miss you so much and it won’t go away.”

“Especially today, it’s your birthday, you know.  After all of these years I have never missed one.”

“But, this year is no different, as I stand, my face towards the sun.”

“I know you can hear me, and I feel you here, too.”

“Just like it’s always been……forever me and you.”

And, as it always was, so shall it always be.

Until we meet again, I will imagine eternity.

And spend the rest of this life keeping your love fresh and new.

“I love you, sweet sister….happy birthday to you!”

kass birthday
Each day is a gift!

3 thoughts on “Your Light Still Shines”

  1. When I learned of Kass being sick, even though we were not what you call “close friends” in school. I always considered to be a friend. I was touched by he new of her illness, and knew immediatly that I was going to reach out to her…and try and show my support. I prayed so hard for her and her family. To this day, I cannot begin to explain how or why I felt this inner need to do this. I really cannot even put it into words. I did what my heart and soul wanted me to do. I wish i could of done more. That feeling of hopelessness is not one I deal with well. I do know how amazing Kass is and how I always admired her entire family. Krista you are a wonderful sister and Kass is lucky to have had you by her side..I think of kass often and still pray for all of her family to get through this difficult loss. I am so glad I had contact with Kass through Facebook and was able to send her inspirtation. So on this glorious sunshiney day…..I wanted to say…”Happy Birthday to Kass, a special person that has touched my heart and I will NEVER forget !!! God Bless

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