Our Beliefs Are Our Foundation

Over the past several months, we have been sorting through old photographs, letters, cards, emails, videos…..really anything we can find that links us with Kass.  There have been so many amazing moments during this time that have forced us to pause, breathe, and smile.  Sometimes, we cry.  Most times, though, we simply laugh.  Kass was so very funny.  Some of the notes that she wrote over the years have helped to bring back our smiles and our laughter. We find that no matter what, there is always reason to believe, just as Kass always said, that everything will be okay.

Just yesterday we lived another one of these special moments.  Dad called me in the afternoon.  He said that he had recently taken an old computer into a local computer store to have any remaining files pulled from it.  After he picked up the files yesterday, he found a writing that Kass had written back in 2000 when my parent’s dog Josh had died.  Only five years old, he was struck by a car and killed near my parent’s home.  Like a lot of families, we grow very connected to our pets and find peace in remembering them after they are gone.  But, it is likely that no one, including Kass, had seen this tribute in many years.  Yet, reading it now, brought a sense of such overwhelming peace.  I share it with you below:


Reading it again now brings tears to my eyes.  I feel so overwhelmingly sure that Kass’s words then were and continued to be at the core of her own beliefs and values.  Our beliefs are our foundation, and as a family, we have been lucky that our foundation was filled with abundant love and the fundamental truth of God and Heaven.  You are home now Kass, run free.

One thought on “Our Beliefs Are Our Foundation”

  1. Your thoughts, as well as Kathleen’s, are beautiful. This continues to be a year of “firsts.”
    It doesn’t get any easier… you just get a bit more used to it.

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