Dig the Cause Posters for Kass

What motivates this message?  I was not going to write about this event until after it was over, but today I changed my mind.  The deadline is looming for us to submit our In Memory Of cards for next week’s Dig the Cause event. When I collected the submissions from my family and collectively saw what they had created, I was inspired and saddened all at once.

This day next week is a big day. Not only is it LIVESTRONG Day around the globe, but next Tuesday, October 2 also marks the 3-month anniversary of Kass’s journey into Heaven.

3 months.  Exactly 92 days ago we said goodbye to our sweet baby sister and held her hand for the very last time.

These pictures tell the story of how Kass’s life has influenced the youngest of us, her nieces and nephews, who love her and miss her every day.  Please take a moment to see the inspiration and the love that Kass sprinkled over all of us during her 40 beautiful years on this Earth.  Never to be forgotten.  We love you, Kass.  We miss you every day.

By Tom’s Family, Nicholas, Age 13 & Maria, Age 7

By Katie, Age 12

By Abby, Age 8

By Abby, Age 8

By Jack, Age 5


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