Relay for Life – May 19, 2012

The luminaries for Mom and Kass….
Dad walking for his baby….

Another unbelievable experience, this one with just our family!  We gathered in May 2012 for the Williamsport Relay for Life event, supporting the American Cancer Society, where we camped under the stars for Kass.  We walked, we talked, and we loved.  This was also where we took the last picture we ever posed for as a family.  I will cherish it for all of time, but did not post it here.

Kass had just returned from the National Institutes of Health after another very long week.  But, she really wanted to attend this event.  So, she made the trip just in time for the survivor’s walk.  We took turns pushing her around that track.  What a wonderful day with our baby sister!

The kids walking for Kass…..

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