Kass’s Memory Garden – September 1, 2012

“Her flowers still bloom, and the sun it still shines….”  For you, sweet Kass!

On Saturday, 1 September 2012, our family gathered at my parent’s farm to dedicate Kass’s Memory Garden.  My Dad had been working on this project for many weeks, and Kass had actually visited there with him several times during this spring.  All of her favorite plants/flowers are planted there.

When we gathered in the garden that late afternoon it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We just know that Kass was there with us, as we could feel her with the soft breeze and we could see her in the bloom of each flower.  Oh, how she loved her garden!  She always found such peace and strength in nature.  Solace and tranquility.  She was so much like Dad in that way.  Please enjoy the photographs that capture the beauty and essence of Kass through the flowers.

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